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Inishowen Agricultural Show 105th Annual Show Showgrounds @ Riverdale Carndonagh Co.Donegal July 15th 2017

Inishowen Agricultural Society, 18 The Diamond, Carndonagh, Co.Donegal

or email: inishowenagrishow@hotmail.com. Tel 087 4398805
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All-Ireland Championships.

All-Ireland Championships.

Our Show has been chosen as a qualifier for the following All-Ireland Championships  :

1.       The All-Ireland Suckler Heifer Championship.

2.       The All-Ireland Pedigree Suckler Type Heifer championship.

3.       The All Ireland Bread Baking Championship.

4.        The All Ireland Domestic Arts Championship

5.        Fleetwood Paints All Ireland Amateur Painting Competition

6.       The Gain Dog Food All Ireland Championship

7.       The Dog Safe Fence Connaught Championship (open to all Breeds)


General Conditions and Rules Governing the All-Ireland Championships

The following conditions apply to all the sponsored Championships which are organised and administered by the Irish Shows Association.

1.      Eligibility - entry to participate in the Championships is confined to shows which have paid the 5% championship

administration fund 2016.

2.      Qualifying rounds will take place at shows designated by the Irish Shows Association.

3.      Selected Shows should hold a separate class for each qualifier from which the highest placed would qualify.

4.     Animals that have already qualified are not eligible to compete in further qualifiers at shows in the same Championship.

5.     Shows may charge an entry fee for each "qualifier" class and I.S.A. will award a rosette to a selected animal.

6.      It is a condition that no other sponsor may be involved in "qualifier" classes.

7.     These general rules and those relating to the individual Championships being staged should be published in the

schedule and catalogue of the participating Show.

8.     On completion of judging the successful competitors must attend the secretary’s office within 2 hrs. and the Secretaryof the Show or the representative present from the Irish Shows Association will arrange to take the following particulars in respect of each qualifier at the Show.   (a) Name and address of the winner and full particulars of the qualifying animal.  (b) Notify the winner of each qualifier of the date and place of the final and collect the appropriate fee for same.

(Winners of qualifiers are themselves responsible for entering their animals/exhibits for the final through the show secretary as stated above)

9.      Winners of qualifiers will compete in the final.

10.    The Irish Shows Association in consultation with the sponsor reserve the right to alter or amend the rules of a

competition as may be necessary.

11.    5% of the prize money will be retained by the Irish Shows Association towards running costs.

12.    Any competitor in breach of these rules will be disqualified from competing in these Championships.

13.    Shows and competitors must contact the I.S.A. for details and concerning these Championships and not the sponsors.

14.    Any objections or complaints must be lodged in writing with the I.S.A. Representative at the Show and the Show

Secretary within half an hour following the completion of the competition together with €50 or other stated fee which is refundable in the event of the objection being upheld.